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Data Repair / Company Rebuilds / Password Recovery

Data Repair

In the unfortunate case your data is damaged we can help with repair and recovery. We'll arrange for you to send us a backup copy of your data for repair and if it can't be repaired, there will be NO CHARGE!

"I appreciate your quick response to repair our data file.
Lori was excellent to work with. Thank you!"    Terry

Company Rebuilds

Whether your data is damaged beyond repair, you want to change your accounting method or your fiscal year, you want to "merge" companies, or you want to change your inventory costing methods, we can help.

Setting up a new company and want to import data from another Peachtree company or another software application all together? 
We'll save you time, frustration and money by helping you get up and running quickly!

Password Recovery

If an employee has left or someone has forgotten their password and you need to access your Peachtree software, we can help you recover it. We'll ask you to sign an authorization form and send us files from Peachtree, and we'll return your password.

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What Our Customers Say

"You do an excellent job of taking care of business and providing great customer service. I sincerely wish everyone we do business with could take lessons from you!"
Regards, Ida

"I was impressed with Lori's knowledge of Peachtree and her skills in working around obstacles. I hope I get the chance to work with her again."

"A HUGE help! We will do business again, it was a pleasure to work with you guys."

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