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Sage 50 2018 U.S. Edition Upgrade – Tips to Download, Install, Convert Data and Activate for Upgrade or New Customers

In your Sage 50 download and install email you will find the link to download the product to your computer. In addition, your serial number, activation key and customer number are provided.

Note: If you are a network user, always install Sage 50 on the computer that stores your data files (server). After installing on the server, install Sage 50 on each workstation.

The upgrade of your Sage 50 2018 is done in several steps. You will download the product, setup the Sage 50 installation folder, install the upgrade, convert your company data and activate your product (and payroll tax solution if you use payroll).

Downloading Sage 50:

In the email click on the Download Now! link. Next, click on “Run this File”. When prompted click to “Run” the Sage 50.  Next, click “OK' for the Sage Download Manager to download the Sage50_2018_Plus.exe file to your computer. Keep the box checked to launch setup once download is complete. The Sage 50 product will download to your computer. The length of time to download will depend on your internet connection. After the download is complete the setup process will automatically begin. This process creates the Sage 50 install folder on your computer. After this is created the software upgrade will be installed.

Setup of Sage 50 install folder:

The Sage 50 Accounting 2018 window will appear. It will have the destination folder already populated as C:\Sage\Sage50_2018_Plus. Click on the Install button. The files will be extracted to this folder. Next, the “Preparing to Install….” window will appear. This begins the process of installing the Sage 50 upgrade on your computer.

Installing the Sage 50 Upgrade:

If your computer is 64 bit you may be prompted that your computer is using a default network protocol IPV6 that may cause Sage to run slow. Answer the question “Yes” to change to IPV4. Continue with the following steps:

1. Read the information and instructions on the window, and then select Next.

2. Read the License Agreement and select the checkbox if you agree to the terms. Select Next.

3. You may be prompted to set your firewall so that Sage Peachtree can be installed. If so, follow the directions on the screen. Click Next.

4. Enter the serial number found in the email and click Next.

5. On the upgrade options screen select “Yes” to allow the Sage 50 upgrade to replace your older version. Click next.

6. The summary screen will list the program and data locations. You can leave the checkmarks for adding the Sage 50 shortcut to the desktop (and quick launch toolbar if desired). Click Install to install Sage 50.

Note: If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, you will receive a notification.

Warning: During the install process, if you receive any warnings from your firewall software, be sure to select Allow or Unblock for these programs.

7. When the installation is complete, the Installation Completed window appears. Check or uncheck the checkbox options as desired; then select the Finish button to complete the installation

After Installation Information:

The next steps will be to open Sage 50, get it activated and convert your data.

Once Sage 50 is open, select your company and let it convert using the conversion wizard. You will need to do this for all companies you previously used in Sage 50 or Peachtree.

To activate Sage 50 click on Help – Sage 50 Activation. You will receive a prompt that states “You only have 10 uses left. You should activate your product soon”. Click on Activate Online Now. The software will contact the Sage Server and then give you a window that says “Activation Successful”, click on ok.

To verify your activation click on Help – About Sage 50 Accounting. You will see your Serial Number and Customer ID. This means the product is registered. 

If you need assistance and have a Sage Business Support Plan you can contact Sage technical support at 1-866-747-3888.  You will need your Sage Customer ID at the start of the call.  If you have questions call us at 480-945-4455 or 1-800-339-8224 or Email us at  

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