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A Sage Peachtree Accounting Success Story

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting & Sage Business Intelligence

Prest-O-Fit was unable to quickly generate a critical report that showed sales for over 1,000 products by item, by month.
The company upgraded to Sage Peachtree Quantum with Sage Business Intelligence
With a proven Business Intelligence solution and simple customization of a standard report, Prest-O Fit benefited from meaningful, timely information to drive effective decision making.

Manufacturer of RV parts finds a smooth road to meaningful business information

Owners and executives often endure a number of pain points in terms of business reporting capabilities in their businesses, including inflexibility, inaccuracy and timeliness. Prest-O-Fit, a manufacturing company, that sells RV components, struggled to get current sales information in a timely manner in order to make decisions.

Sluggish spreadsheet-based reports hinder progress

Tim Hambsch, owner of Computerized Business Associates and a Sage Certified Consultant, had been working with Prest-O-Fit for a long time and was asked for advice. He says, “Prest-O-Fit has over 1,000 different products and wanted to view their sales item by item and month by month—in both quantity and dollars—for two years. Standard Sage Peachtree sales reports don’t show all items, just the ones that had sales for the reporting period. My client needed to see all items, regardless of whether there were sales or not, so they were exporting a sales report from Sage Peachtree, then cutting and pasting into a spreadsheet.” Tim immediately identified that the periodic dumping of data into Excel was a weakness. The data manipulation took hours to do and, as a result, Prest-O-Fit undertook the exercise infrequently.

Presto-O-Fit gets a boost with Sage Peachtree Quantum custom reports

When the Sales Manager asked for help creating a customized sales report, Tim suggested they move to Sage Peachtree Quantum and Sage Business Intelligence. As a Sage Peachtree Quantum customer, they automatically get Sage Business Intelligence,” he says, “so I recommended it immediately. They started with the single free license, and then purchased three more. I showed them the standard Business Intelligence reports and then built a customized sales report on site with my client’s input.”

Timely, accurate sales information for better decision-making

With Tim’s assistance, Prest-O-Fit hoped to save time and get more accurate sales information for making decisions about purchasing seasonal items. They identified that they wanted current sales data available more readily and more frequently in a format that enabled them to make better purchasing and sales decisions.

A smooth, effortless implementation

“With Business Intelligence included in Sage Peachtree Quantum, there was very little effort involved in upgrading and simply activating Business Intelligence,” says Tim. Using the Sales Report Template that comes standard with Business Intelligence, Tim designed and applied some customization, including changing the headings in the report to read ‘period name’ rather than ‘period number’ as is standard in Business Intelligence.

He attributes the smooth implementation to the minimal learning curve required to run Business Intelligence reports. “My clients have average Excel skills and are pretty comfortable with Excel as a reporting tool. They use a PivotTable to switch the report view from by customer, then item to by item, then customer, and they seem to be fine with this. As they play with it more I will add more functionality. My next step is to show them the standard purchase report and I may build a customized version of this.”




Business Partner
Computerized Business Associates

Chandler, Arizona, U.S.A.

Sage Peachtree Quantum

“The automated Sales Report saves an enormous amount of time and provides us with meaningful information that is very helpful in making business decisions.”

-Mike Dayton,
Plant Manager,

About Computerized Business Associates

Based in Chandler, Arizona, U.S.A., Computerized Business Associates is a Sage Diamond Level solutions provider, focused on implementation and developing customized procedures to help customers get the optimal value out of their software investment by combining it with a true management system.

Computerized Business Associates also offers training, tech support, custom report preparation and basic bookkeeping.

Time savings and availability of information for business decisions

Mike Dayton, Plant Manager at Prest-O-Fit, cites the following benefits delivered by Sage Business Intelligence:

    1. More frequent and current data is now available to make purchase and sales decisions.

    2. The sales report is now generated in 10 minutes rather than spending hours building it.

    3. The report is scheduled and pushes out to the network overnight.

He says, “The time savings are enormous and we can now make
business decisions more readily.”

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