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Sage 50 Business Intelligence Reporting Solution

Formerly known as Peachtree Business Intelligence, Sage 50 BI is a reporting tool that lets you make better decisions faster.

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Learn how to create your own customized reports! Purchase from CBA and get 1 hour of FREE training on Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting with a CBA Certified Sage Intelligence Consultant.

What is Sage 50 BI?

It's a comprehensive reporting solution that gives you access to all your business information in one centralized location.

Get customizable business reports that are automatically updated with real-time data, so you can access the information you need. Make swift, confident decisions.

Make Better, Faster Business Decisions

Sage 50 reporting gives you access to all your company's data, and Microsoft® Excel® provides an easy-to-use interface that you're already comfortable with.
Sage 50 BI reports takes the best of both and combines them into one complete business intelligence reporting product. This makes it easier than ever before to access and interpret your company's information.
An example of a Sage BI report

A Customer Success Story

Prest-O-Fit manufactures RV parts. They needed a better, faster, and more accurate way to inform sales and purchasing decisions. They teamed up with CBA, and used
Sage Quantum and Sage 50 Business Intelligence, to streamline the process. The result? A custom automated sales report that takes minutes to compile, instead of hours.

Benefits of the Sage 50 Business Intelligence Add-On Solution

Faster - No more tedious and time-consuming tasks, like manual exporting, compiling, cutting and pasting, or formatting data.

Easier - No more complicated broken formulas to fix. No more reformatting the same reports month after month.

Another example of a Sage 50 BI ReportMore Accurate - See critical information on-demand, in real-time, without the need to manually update any spreadsheets.

More details - Drill-down for more detail. Slice and dice to find the answers you want. Make informed, confident decisions.

No Install, Use Instantly
- Spreadsheet based reporting inside your Sage 50 accounting software. Who doesn't love quick ROI? Sage 50 Business Intelligence is ready to launch from your Sage 50 solution. No separate installation required.

Sage BI works with by linking your Sage Accounting software to Microsoft® Excel®, so the tools and features may already feel familiar and intuitive. And Sage's BI comes with powerful and useful standard reports you can produce right away:

  • Company Dashboard
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Top 10 Customers
  • Purchasing Analysis
  • Financial Reports
  • Income Statement - Comparative Financial Report - Actual vs. Budget
  • Income Statement - Comparative Financial Report - Actual vs. Prior
  • Income Statement - Comparative Financial Report - Current Period vs. YTD vs. Prior Yr
  • Balance Sheet - Comparative Financial Report - Actual vs. Prior
  • Balance Sheet - Monthly, Quarterly and YTD Financial Report

Let Us Customize Sage 50 Business Reports For You

Sage Business Intelligence Integrated within Peachtree product

The Flexibility of Customization Without the Frustration
We can custom-design almost any report you need. We'll give you total control over your reporting process. Every customization we make can be saved for future use, saving you valuable time and effort.

Our staff of Sage Certified Consultants are happy to assist you with the design of custom financial statements, invoices, customer statements, checks, or any other report you need. If you prefer, we can also train you to design your own.

Get the maximum benefit from your Sage accounting software. We can customize your reports to your specific business needs and parameters. Help everyone in your company operate more efficiently and effectively with custom business intelligence reports.

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800-339-8224 or 480-945-4455

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