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Sage 50 Tutorial Video Library

Installing Sage 50 Accounting

VideoPreinstallation Checklist (1:55)
Make sure your computer is ready to install Sage 50.

VideoHow to Setup a New Company in Sage 50 (2:56)
Learn how to use Sage 50's New Company Setup Wizard.
VideoInstall Sage 50 on a Standalone Computer (2:27)
Learn how to install a single user copy of Sage 50.

VideoInstall Sage 50 on a Network Workstation (2:56)
Learn how to install Sage 50 on a network workstation.
VideoInstall Sage 50 on a New Server (2:56)
Learn how to install Sage 50 on a network server.

Sage 50 for New Users

VideoSage 50 Tutorial Basics for New Users (1:32)
Sage 50 new users will find this overview tutorial helpful.

VideoAccounts Receivable Tutorial (8:53)
Learn different ways to enter AR transactions in Sage 50.
VideoNavigation and Help Resources Tutorial (2:44)
This video teaches how to navigate Sage 50 and gain access to Sage 50 help and resources.

VideoGeneral Ledger Reports Tutorial (4:41)
Learn to organize transactions using GL reports in Sage 50.
VideoList Views Tutorial (2:11)
Learn how to simplify record keeping with list views in Sage 50.

VideoFinancial Statements Tutorial (1:59)
Learn to product financial statements using Sage 50.
VideoAccounts Payable Tutorial (8:24)
Learn different ways to enter AP transactions in Sage 50.

VideoUtilities Tutorial (7:40)
Learn about utilities, special processing, and how to modify ID's and records.

VideoInventory Tutorial (3:05)
Learn about Sage 50's Inventory functionality.
VideoSage 50 Basics for New Users Conclusion (1:34)
Additional resources for learning to use Sage 50.

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