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CBA Small Business Staffing Solutions

Finding the person with the right skills and personality for your team is difficult. Posting ads, sorting through applications and résumés, conducting interviews, checking references, testing skills, conducting background and reference checks take time away from your regular duties.

CBA empowers you to focus on core job functions and servicing your clients while we find you qualified employees.

Call 480.945.4455 or 800.339.8224 or email us to discuss your hiring needs.

“As a small business owner, there’s no better way to handle the process of hiring a new employee if you want to remain focused on the day to day operations of your business and servicing your customers rather than getting bogged down in reviewing resumes and spending time trying to identify the best candidates.”
- Julie M.
CBA SMALL BUSINESS STAFFING SOLUTIONS was launched to help small business owners and corporations
grow without breaking the bank.
Let us do the entire process or pick from this list of services:

  • Job description development / revisions for posting
  • Post job opening on job boards
  • Develop screening questions
  • Review / screen resumes
  • Phone screen viable candidates
  • Coordinate candidate interview with client
  • Skills testing
  • Personality profiling
  • Field candidate questions / interview follow up
  • Interview candidates
  • Due diligence / background/reference checks
  • Coordinate drug testing
  • Coordinate offer of employment and start date

  • Why Should You Use CBA Small Business Staffing Solutions?

    A bad hire can literally cost you thousands. The costs add up quickly … recruiting time and expense, lost time spent training and retraining, lost productivity, damage to internal and external relationships, not to mention wages and benefits or lost revenue opportunities.

    And it’s not just a dollars and cents equation, you also have to think about how it affects the rest of the team. If you have a bad hire and you’re not doing anything about it, you could also risk losing a good employee! The following are some of the most common characteristics of a bad hire:

    1. Failure to produce quality work and/or meet deadlines
    2. Attendance problems
    3. Failure to be a team player
    4. Negative attitude
    5. Customer complaints

    Recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, coaching and mentoring employees is awfully expensive.

    But do you have any idea what a bad hire actually costs your company? Consider these facts:

    • 41% report a loss of productivity due to hiring mistakes. (

    • 36% report a negative impact to team morale due to hiring mistakes. (

    • 80% of turnover is caused by poor hiring decisions. (Harvard Business Review)

    Our Fee Structure

    Most recruiting firms charge you a percentage (between 20-35 percent) of the annual salary for the position you’re trying to fill. Our fees are based on the amount of effort involved to fill your position, not on what you plan to pay your new employee.

    And, we offer a 30 day guarantee! If you hire someone and they do not work out in the first 30 days, we will replace that person at no additional cost.

    Please call 480.945.4455 or 1.800.339.8224 or EMAIL us to discuss your hiring needs in greater detail.

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