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Custom Sage 50 Business Intelligence Reports

Critical Information Made Visible – Intelligence Reporting gives you customized reports, on-demand, without having to manually update any spreadsheets. It pulls real-time information directly from Sage 50 —and even other databases— into any report template you've saved. Drill down for more detail, slice and dice to find the answers you want, and make informed decisions with confidence.

CBA can custom-design almost any report you need, giving you total control over your reporting process. Every customization made can be saved for future use, sparing you the time and effort of formatting spreadsheet reports over and over again.

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Sample custom BI Reports (PDF)

The following represent some of the types of customer reports we've prepared for our customers:

  • Sales Order Aging – manage your backlog more effectively by visibly showing how long orders have been on the books

  • Project Profit Summary – this report shows the “projected” profit of all of your open projects (or jobs) in a summarized view that will allow you to quickly identify projects that are off track based on their original estimates

  • Multi-Company Financials – save the time of going in and out of multiple companies to run the monthly financials – it can be done with a single click from any company you have open

  • Side by Side (Consolidated) Multi-Company Financials – run the report from any company you have open at the time, 22 individual P&L (Income Statements) with full detail and summarized views for current month, year to date (YTD) and each Quarter, plus side by side view statements for all 22 companies – one for Current Period, one for Year to Date and one for each Quarter. 10 minutes to run and you can easily identify which companies, departments or divisions are top performers and where you need improvement! Balance sheets with the same capabilities.

  • Consolidate Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging and Accounts Payable (AP) Aging – if you have multiple companies with common customers and/or vendors you can run a consolidated AR Aging and AP Aging to get a complete view of all of your outstanding Receivables and Payables. This snapshot report can be ran from any company you have open at the time and provides management with a single report to review.

  • Price Lists – do you spend too much time generating price lists to provide to your customers? Run a quick report directly from Sage that is formatted as a Price List / electronic order sheet and it can even have image links so they can view your products!

  • Indicator Report – provide key leading “indicator” information to your management team to make quicker, more informed business decisions

  • Job Cost Report - Detailed – get a quick summary view of your job performance along with all the supporting details!  If you performed well compared to your estimates you’ll know who to pat on the back and if not maybe there was change in scope that didn’t get billed??  With all the details available for your review you can better manage your current jobs AND improve your estimates going forward!

  • Item Sales Period to Period – quickly and visibly see how sales of each inventory item is performing month over month, year over year or any other period you define

  • Project Status Report – Job costing, project management, contract management - whatever terminology you use, this report can help you manage your profitability!    

  • Sales Performance Metrics – run a quick snapshot of various sales groupings by GL accounts to show MTD and YTD performance and variances to prior month, budget and prior year

  • Income Statements with Custom Allocations – prepare full detail and rolled-up financials by various business segments with multiple “what if” scenarios all prepared with a single report

  • Vouchers - with voucher forms and you can print Cash Receipts Journal Vouchers (Cash Receipt Vouchers), Sales Journal Vouchers (Sales Vouchers), Cash Disbursement Journal Vouchers (Cash Disbursements Vouchers or Cash Payment Vouchers), Purchase Journal Vouchers (Purchase Vouchers) and General Journal Vouchers.

  • Open PO Report For EDI – this is an example of an Open PO Report set-up for import directly into a vendor’s EDI system.  If not all the fields required are stored in Sage 50 we can add them within the reportkey leading “indicator” information to your management team to make quicker, more informed business decisions

  • Sales Rep Analysis – are items not selling or are the Sales Reps not selling them? Compare item sales by Sales Rep to learn what (or who) is driving the sales of specific items

  • Pick List Sorted by Location – do you have Sales Orders with many items on them? Organize those items by location so your warehouse personnel can quickly and easily pull them from stock

  • 401k Output Report – this report provides all of your employee data, payroll data, contribution information, qualification information, hire dates, term dates, etc. formatted as required by your 401K provider

  • Rolling Profit & Loss Income Statement -quickly get a dynamic overview of your performance over the last 12 months -- change the monthly view on the fly without having to rerun the report and easily pick up on changes with the graphical view.  We can easily expand this basic report to add budget comparisons, provide more detailed expense breakdowns, break it out by departments or expand it to a 24 month view.  Whatever information is necessary to help you manage your business we can provide from your Sage 50 data

These are just a sampling of the many reports we've created to help our customers run their businesses more effectively and efficiently!

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