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Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Phoenix, AZ ó

Tim was amazing and I can hardly believe all we accomplished in the short time he was here. I felt my stress level immediately lower knowing I have access to someone so competent!

Thank you,

Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies

Phoenix, AZ ó

You did a great job of understanding our needs, planning the implementation, and then working with our staff to make it happen. Once the system was up we needed to transfer data from the old system to SAGE50.... Your accounting knowledge and advice help us make the right decisions and keep our data, but not the baggage that came with it.

With the legacy data transferred we needed to change our internal processes and develop better ways to do things. Your expertise in every aspect we quizzed you on allowed us to do explain what we wanted, get your advice, and put steps in place that worked right the first time. And when things didnít go as expected, the team helped figure out what we needed to do to get where we wanted to go.

Over the past months we have called upon CBA for ongoing support. The team answers questions quickly and knowledgeably, showing us how to do things in the future. Every dollar we spent on consulting with you was money well spent and saved us time and money.

Switching accounting systems is never an enjoyable project, but CBA made it a relatively painless one that was done on time and without any major problems. If we decide to switch again, we will definitely call you in.

Thank you for your help, patience, and understanding.

Eric Miller

Advanced Masonry

Thank you for all your help. I so appreciate it. Lori was just wonderful and got me up and running again. I will certainly give you folks a call if and when I need help again. You certainly know what you are doing compared to the Sage reps.


Ferreum Corporation

Austin, TX ó

Thanks for sticking with us! It was such a relief when it (Sage 50) started working. I think you can see now the issues ordinary clients with Sage are experiencing. If I hadnít gone with you and Lori I would have been dead in the water.

Again, thanks for getting us up and running!


Complete Landscaping

Tucson, AZ ó

Thank you, Sheila... Love you guys! As you may know, Lori is 100% amazing as well as very wonderful!!

Kari S. Gibson

Cba Greenbar



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