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Sage 50 Quantum 2018

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Sage 50 Quantum 2018 - Sage 50 Quantum 2018 Accounting Software

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Get more information about Sage 50 Quantum Accounting on our 2016 page

Get one hour of training FREE when you buy your Sage 50 Quantum Accounting software from CBA. A Certified Sage Intelligence Consultant from CBA will show you how to create your own personalized reports using Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting.

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is more than business accounting software — it's a business management solution. Quantum Accounting gives you the ease of use of an out-of-the-box solution at an affordable price. With Quantum you can monitor and manage every aspect of your business all in one centralized system. More than just an accounting program, it also helps you manage your customers, vendors, and employees, your inventory, services, and jobs, and more.

Benefits of Quantum Accounting

When you compare Sage 50 Quantum Accounting to other business accounting software and mid-market solutions, the following benefits are clear:

Get more, pay less
  • Don’t pay thousands of dollars more for functionality you may not need or use.
  • With other mid-market solutions, you pay more for implementation, training, and maintenance.

A solution that grows with you
  • Built to accommodate large data requirements, including faster processing with SmartPosting Technology.
  • Support for up 40 users1 with advanced user security settings.

Tools for greater profitability
Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting, Financial Management, Workflow Management, Workflow Automation, Interactive Job Reporting, Advanced Budgeting, industry specific features — these are just some of the in-product tools that will help drive your business to success.

Make better business decisions

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting includes many analytical tools so you can make more informed decisions and make them faster.

Better Insights
  • Use the Cash Flow Manager and Collections Manager to ensure the financial health of your company.
  • Use more than 140 customizable reports to identify trouble spots, trends, and opportunities.
  • Use Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting to create customized reports based on real-time data

Data Integrity
  • The Internal Accounting Review2 lets you run up to 16 audit checks on your data to identify any potential errors.
  • Monitor individual users with Audit Trails - Deter fraud by tracking every users' entries, changes, and transactions.

Centralized business management

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting provides all your core accounting needs — plus, it incorporates functional and collaborative tools and features that help you run your operation more efficiently.

  • Order process workflow — From one centralized place, easily track all the moving parts of your order process, so nothing gets missed and everything works as planned. Ensure that critical process-driven activities are sent to the right person at the right time. Give your staff the ability to quickly view and add transaction status details for easier tracking of customer or vendor orders. Notify the next person in the process with a status and specific notes as needed. Automatically send notifications to designated employees, customers, or vendors once a task is completed.

  • Centralized management centers — Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is your one-stop shop for managing each customer, inventory item, service item, or job. Get the details quickly with customizable dashboard views and highlight the information you need to better serve your customers, as well as make more informed, more profitable business decisions.

Personalized dashboards

Each user can create customized dashboards to organize key, real-time information and access it easily. View relevant tasks and filter data based on how you need to track it.

Customize your Sage 50 Quantum Accounting screens to show personalized information on My Dashboard with 46 modules to choose from. My Dashboard’s birds-eye view and easy access to real-time tasks and information empower your teams to manage their own work more efficiently.

Additionally, all users have their own personalized Inbox to help get organized and stay focused on their individual tasks.

Multiuser management

  • Accommodates 1 - 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 licensed, named users1
  • Strong role-based security down to the screen level
  • Optimized database capacity with no hard limits on database size3

Peace of mind — know your Sage 50 Quantum Accounting software is always current and supported

Your Sage 50 purchase comes fully supported and includes valuable tools and services that help you save time and money.4

  • The latest version of Sage 50 Quantum Accounting with updates for as long as you're enrolled.
  • Unlimited5 access to technical support analysts by phone, email, and online chat for your Sage 50 solution.
  • The advice you need, with access to Sage Small Business Webcast Series.
  • All of these benefits are part of your auto-renewing Sage Business Care plan and are included as part of your product purchase.

1 Multiuser licenses available in packs of 1 - 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40. A maximum of 40 licensed, named users is allowed. Only the first 40 named users selected in the user maintenance screen are considered licensed, named users.

2 Sage is not liable or responsible for any fines or penalties that may result from errors in your company accounting records. The Internal Accounting Review is not intended to uncover all questionable transactions.

3 Sage 50 does not impose a hard limit on database capacity, however, individual performance will vary depending on actual number of transactions, database size, and number of concurrent users. Data management efficiencies are also realized in the Sage 50 Accounting 2018 products.

4 Valid credit card required to activate service. To ensure continuous service, your Sage Business Care plan is an automatically renewing plan, and subsequent years will be automatically billed to the same credit card each year on the anniversary date of your purchase at the then-current rate after notifying you 30 days in advance of your anniversary date. The credit card provided with this purchase will be used to automatically renew the plan if there is no other credit card number already established as your standard credit card number on file with Sage. You may terminate the plan with at least seven calendar days’ notice prior to your renewal date and not be charged for the renewal.

5 Customer support analysts are available from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. ET Monday-Friday, and reserve the right to limit calls to one hour or one incident. Assistance is limited to Sage 50 solutions.

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